Dine-in this Valentine's Day

We have teamed up with Munchies Coffee House & BARKery to bring a scrumptious meal right to your door!

A prepared meal that you can bake in the comforts of your own home

and top it off you will receive a beautiful plant. 


Choose 1 option from each section below - Options 1-3 serves 2 people

$99 + tax     Delivery $7

All orders must be placed by FEBRUARY 10th

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Start with a Mini French Bread + Honey Whipped Butter
1. Appetizer 

A. Caesar Salad

B. Greek Salad

C. Santorini salad

2. Main Course 

A. Egyptian creamy pasta with meat sauce

B. Broccoli & bacon pasta with mozzarella

c. Marinara pasta with chicken and mozzarella

3. Dessert Time

A. Chocolate and salted caramel pots des creme

B. Cheesecake with any 1 topping for each piece (strawberry, salted caramel, chocolate, or blueberry)

C. Pie for 2 (5inch) (choose one flavour -pecan, strawberry rhubarb, apple pie

4. Blooms or a Plant

A. Locally grown bunch of flowers

B. Locally grown tropical indoor plant with pot

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Main Course (Each option serve 2)
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