Where the Dream Began ...

Petals of Passion began to blossom after my now fiancé and I purchased our very first home from his grandmother, Grandma Flo. One of the many lovely features of our new little home was that it had a stunning backyard. This was largely due to the hard work of Grandma Flo, who spent her days picking and pruning.

The thought of maintaining this backyard seemed like an incredibly overwhelming chore to me at first, particularly because Grandma Flo set the bar so high. I knew I had to step up my game to match her skill level…and with that, my adventure into the garden began.

As the years went on, I was able to teach myself how to properly take care of each plant baby and give them the lovin’ they needed to grow healthily and happily. Taking care of my garden became less and less of a “chore” and more and more of a tranquil experience that I looked forward to each and everyday. It made my heart race to think that this gorgeous garden was mine!

Watching my backyard oasis blossom and bloom inspired me to turn what was once my chore into my passion. And now I want to share that passion with YOU! 

Est. 2017 Petals of Passion     Hamilton, Ontario     Proudly Canadian
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Photo Credits:

Splash Photography + AMV Wedding Productions

 Katie Marie Photography + Destiny Dawn Photography