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Pop-up wedding faq

How do we book? 

Look no further! You are one click away from booking your entire wedding!


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What is a Pop-Up Wedding?

A pop-up wedding is one of the latest trends for the wedding industry. It is a uniquely curated concept that offers couples the opportunity to get married without the high price tag, while still providing an unforgettable wedding experience. Each pop-up wedding is located at a specific location with multiple couples getting married on the same day, but at different times. The gorgeous venue and space are repurposed for each wedding but each couple will be given personal flowers.

This concept allows guests to feel good about saving money and for contributing to sustainability. 

Each pop-up wedding consists of a private ceremony (includes 20 guests - add 10 more) followed by a reception and photoshoot.

Petals of Passion will manage the coordination of vendors, bookings, logistics, food/drinks, décor/flowers, venue management and provide a day-of coordinator.

There is no stress of décor, deciding a theme, or coordinating vendors.

- We do it all for you

Just show up, get hitched, and go off to CELEBRATE!

What is a Pop-up

Will there be other weddings on the same day?


This is how we stay sustainable and keep our package prices in an affordable range. 

You can feel good about saving money while also helping to reduce waste.

Win-Win!  The entire space will be repurposed for each wedding which significantly reduces environmental impact but each couple will get their own bouquet/boutonniere for their keeping.

Our top priority is to create an intimate and private wedding experience which our coordinators will execute flawlessly. 

How does the process work the day of?

It doesn’t get much easier than this!


Step 1 | You and your partner will show up ready in your desired wedding attire and greeted by your coordinator. The coordinator will go over the process

Step 2 | Guests will arrive and will be seated

Step 3 | One partner will be escorted to the ceremony altar

Step 4 | Second partner will begin to walk into the ceremony area

Step 5 | Officiant will begin

Step 6 | Time to sign the PAPERS! CONGRATULATIONS you are a married couple!

Step 7 | Let the cocktail reception begin with a toast

Step 8 | 5 minutes before the reception is over - a little thank you speech is encouraged - invite your guests to the after-party

Step 9 | Post-reception - A 30-minute couples shoot will begin

Step 10 | Join your guests and continue the celebration

What will the day look like?

This is part of the surprise! Each pop-up wedding location will have a different vibe/theme that will be a complete surprise to the couple. This offers a fun and stress-free experience, while also contributing to keeping the cost low.

Even though we are keeping the cost low that doesn't mean we are sacrificing any details!!! You will receive a gorgeous elevated event that you and your guests will not forget. 

How long is a pop-up wedding?

Pop-up wedding timelines can vary from company to company.

Typically they are 45 minutes to 1 hour plus arrival coordination and photo shoot if that is included.

Petals of Passion's pop-up weddings are 2 hours from start to finish with the option of adding 1 additional hour "After-Party in the lounge"

Arrival/Coordinator Meeting - 30 minutes before selected time

Ceremony - 15 minutes

Reception - 45 minutes

Photo Shoot - 30 minutes

= 2 hours

Will I see my partner before the ceremony?

That is up to you! 

We would love to keep the surprise so we will have suites for both partners.

If you wish to have a first look, please let us know during our 10-15 minute video chat.

What do we have to do before our wedding?

Not a whole lot. Phew! 

There is not a lot that is required for you to do before your wedding. 

Pick a date and time slot

Acquire your marriage license 

Pick out your desired attire

Invite Guests

Show up!

During the process leading up - you will receive emails from our team regarding personalizing your special day. 

How much are Pop-Up Weddings?

Pop-up weddings will vary in cost depending on which company is used. Each company will have different inclusions from the next. Typically pop-up weddings range from $2500 - $5000. 

Pricing depends on the venue location, date, vendor pricing and inclusions. Some companies will offer a base package and you have to add on additional services to create a complete event.

Petals of Passion offers a fully curated package that includes everything a larger wedding would have and also offer addons to enhance and personalize the couples experience.

Will I get pictures of my wedding?

Ohhh yes you are! Our carefully selected photographer will provide 175-200 fully - edited images through Pic-Time. This will allow you to see your gallery, choose images that you can print and even options to enhance your gallery. Once you book your big day, there will be an option to add engagement photos as well. You will be contacted by our photographer with detailed questions.

Enjoy images from your ceremony, reception, your photoshoot plus behind the scenes.

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